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Learn to connect to your triggers with
curiosity and insight.
Process your feelings, emotions and stuck attachments
with clarity and detachment.
Discover and reactivate your deep self-care and nurture needs 
with true love and compassion. 
Feel a deep connection to ALL that you are and ALL that you're part of!

With many clients having gone through the 1-on-1 Inner Harmony Process with life-changing results, I'm excited to have the 6-Week group delivery to offer many more people worldwide - so you too can have access to this transformational process in your life.

NOW more than ever we are ALL "FEELING" the intensity of these changing times, within us and around us.

We want to go through this time with WIDE OPEN HEARTS, CURIOSITY AND as much as possible - LIGHTNESS! 
This is what The Inner Harmony Process is here to support you with.  
It's a Cyclical, Stage and Step Process to CONNECT, TRANSFORM and ELEVATE all aspects of your being.

As you continue to "Up-Level" by connecting with the Process in day-to-day life, you will see your own transformation and growth take place and naturally get deeper. As you EMBODY IT, you UNCOVER AND DISCOVER MUCH MUCH MORE....THE TREASURES WITHIN! 

The Inner Harmony Process has taken over 15 years of self-inquiry, integration work and professional training to create.
I'm passionate and called to share and guide people who are ready and resonate with this tangible, transformational process. 
I wish for you too to experience the self-empowerment and potential within that this offers.

I'm excited to help you Fast-track your integration with my guidance in just 
6 Sessions! 



...learn how to engage with ALL aspects of YOURSELF so you can unlock your true health, natural resiliency and potential!



Sometimes you can miss the signs you're being nudged to
SHIFT and Elevate your way of being?

  • Do you experience challenges and changes happening in different areas of your life all at the same time and you're wondering WHY?!
  • You may feel "STUCK", maybe a situation? your own thoughts, feelings and emotions? repetitive cycles or patterns? Not sure of the way out or how to move forward?
  • Things may not be as fulfilling as they once were?¬†You may have an urge to explore¬†more about yourself,¬†question and expand? OR You just know there's MORE to discover and you're ready!
  • What worked in the past, isn't working now? Navigating daily circumstances, events, people may be becoming ineffective or¬†challenging without solution?
  • You may have¬†unwanted Signs & Symptoms arising¬†such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, changeable moods, anxiety¬†or other physical complaints?
  • Are you¬†feeling stressed out or overwhelmed and¬†you can't seem to get a handle on it?¬†
  • You may find yourself making unhelpful choices for your health & wellbeing, you know it, but you keep doing it anyway?
    (Due to Unconscious attachments playing out) Any changes are driven by short-lived willpower?  
  • Do your¬†triggers cause the same unwanted feelings and outcomes? Keep repeating?¬†Don't go away?¬†
    Possibly activated from those closest to you - family, intimate relationships or work environments?

...Is it YOUR TIME to Shift and choose a more CONNECTED and ELEVATED way of BEING?!

The Inner Harmony Process is a 6-week EXPERIENTIAL program.
You will be guided through a tangible STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS that will allow you to experience
a Balanced, Empowered and Elevated way of being going forward.

I will guide you to Shift into an elevated space where...

  • You INVITE the process and the lessons of expansion through¬†you triggers, feelings and emotions as they arise. You EVOLVE every time and understand¬†they come up¬†for this purpose.

  • You flow with¬†"uneasiness" rather than resist. You¬†understand this is KEY to your evolvement.

  • You're connected to each level of your being; Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Spiritual - understanding they all make up¬†your¬† "Whole-self" your "Essence"¬†

  • You feel safe, secure and empowered within yourself, so when the world "wobbles" around you your inner anchor is firmly connected, and your inner vessel is strong and resilient.

  • Your Insights about yourself, your behaviours and your patterns are fully acknowledged and openly engaged with and worked on, with curiosity, non-judgement and compassion.

  • Your self-awareness and consciousness allows you to perceive and experience¬†every challenge¬†as an opportunity to grow.¬†
    You know its not about feeling good all the time, it's about being good at feeling (and processing with clarity) so you get closer to your authentic-self.

  • You¬†practice Self-Care and nurture in your daily life as an essential ingredient for holistic, sustainable wellbeing.

  • You connect closer and closer to your inner authentic truth - Expanding beyond all limited ideas of who you are and what you think you can do.
  • You know change is natural and inevitable. You loose your need to control your inner and outer environment, you loosen your grip and trust as you FLOW with life, engage and evolve, moment by moment.¬† ¬†

"After the Inner Harmony Process I could not stop thinking to myself that ALL people need to have this understanding, and how our childhood and upbringing impacts our reactions, triggers, thoughts and experiences on a day to day basis, without us even knowing.
Each of us has our own personal story, and I feel that we would live in a much more balanced and fulfilled society if we were afforded the time and opportunity to invest in ourselves and do this


Te Ana, Employment Support

Are you ready to Elevate your way of being? Let's do it!



 "The Inner Harmony Process was life changing in many ways. The way Kerry facilitates your experience is truly magical. Her ability to steer you into a new way of perceiving your life is nothing short of exceptional!
It helped me feel in control & in flow with my life (regardless of challenge) & to feel my empowerment as a woman.
Kerry radiates magic. She has so much knowledge, and it just flowed through the course effortlessly. She’s a born facilitator.
If you've wanted to break patterns, overcome challenges and embody the life you want to live - Kerry is your lady!

I will be forever grateful for her and this amazing process.

Shivaughn, Public Sector

I highly recommend this Process. Prior, I was living in a state of unconsciousness surrounding my own personal story and how that was silently impacting the decisions I made and my most cherished relationships. I would feel an overwhelming heaviness and immobility from the immense loss I have experienced.
Working with Kerry, she reminds us how to reconnect and harness the sacred energy - to tap into and yield it  so that we may live in alignment, peace, intuition and in touch with ourselves.

Each of us has our own personal story, and I feel that we would live in a much more balanced and fulfilled society if we were afforded the time and opportunity
to invest in ourselves and do this work.

Te Ana, Social Services

Kerry is great and has a ‚Äėsixth sense‚Äô. Very supportive, informative and explanatory.¬†
I want to thank Kerry for the work she's created and the change she's made in my life because of it. 

Marie, Business Owner, Photographer

"The experience of The Inner Harmony Process has been truly eye opening! The person I was before has made such transformation in becoming connected, conscious and a nurturing human being.
To any person looking at doing the Program, I'd say invest in yourself because you matter. There's so much to be understood about yourself and the answers are within you, waiting to be found. Kerry will guide you through this and you will not regret it!

Kerry is amazing, a shining light!

Natalie, Chef & Mama


Kerry was so wonderful.  She helped me process issues, understand what triggers me and how to process it through and move forward naturally in a balanced and aware state.

I feel so much happier and much more in control and focused in my life.
I'm very happy to recommend Kerry and the Inner Harmony Process"

Kate, Clothing Designer


Kerry was amazing, so relatable, understandable and has such a high energy it radiates out to you, even through the computer! 

To people looking at joining the program I'd say, if you want to change your mindset, want to be happier, want or need change, do it!
I can't recommend it highly enough. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much that has really changed lots of aspects of my life."

‚ÄĒ ¬†Fiona, Business Owner




Hello, Kia ora, I'm Kerry...

..the Founder and Director of Inner Harmony. I'm a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner & Wellness Facilitator, who supports people to find healthy balance within themselves, through self-inquiry and self-care.  I assist people who want to grow and evolve into their authentic, empowered selves.  I love to guide people through connection and expansion work, using change and challenge as our teacher, becoming more aware and empowered through acknowledgement and interaction with ALL ASPECTS of ourselves; Physical - Mental - Emotional - Energetic - Spiritual

Combined with my professional knowledge and experience I draw on my own personal journey of health, self-inquiry, integration and expansion work over 15 years to give practical (and deep), connected guidance, on how to move through & forward on every level of health.
I'm the Facilitator for all Programs and Events. I hold a Bachelor Of Natural Medicine and have been in professional practice for 10 years +, with the last 5 years delivering coaching and programs 1-on-1 and with groups Online.

My deep passion and the core of my work includes; 
- Epigenetics - how our environment affects the way our genes and cellular make-up expresses...
...from the water we drink, diet, lifestyle, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, past memories and experiences and so on... they all have an impact on our health and vitality on every level of our being - everyday!
- Neurochemistry and Endocrinology (put simply the brain, nervous system and stress response system) and how this connects to our physical and energetic aspects of the body and what effects these processes have on every level of our health.
- How the conscious and subconscious aspects of ourselves play out that affect our reality, how we PROCESS and CONNECT our thoughts, feelings and imprints for health, growth, increased self-awareness, self-empowerment and raising of consciousness.  

I love to educate and enlighten people and feel it is vitally important to impart this knowledge and guidance to assist in the Wellbeing and evolvement of others.

I feel we need as many people as possible in a "connected" space moving forward, to have positive impact and to be of value and higher service to humanity and our Mother Earth. 

Are you ready to Balance and Elevate Your way of Being?


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If you have any medical condition or suffer from mental health issues you should consult your Doctor or relevant Healthcare Professional for specific guidance prior to engaging with Inner Harmony.