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Kerry guides People to CONNECT with all levels of their being,
TRANSFORM any challenge into an opportunity,
ELEVATE into an empowered experience of life.

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We work in the Field of Holistic Wellbeing...

...where people learn how to engage with ALL aspects of themselves so they can unlock their true health, natural resiliency and potential!

Inner Harmony's approach is to view everything as an OPPORTUNITY to connect, rebalance and grow from -  Whether that's on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual level. We understand all aspects make up the whole and we believe this consideration and approach allows people to experience a deeper level of health, connection and self-care within. 

We understand that every person has a different life story and f
inding inner balance and harmony is a personal inquiry that’s different for everyone - that's why we GUIDE you, and you carve your own path!

Looking INWARDS, observing what is going on in your internal & external reality and what your relationship is with self and your current day circumstances allows for this rebalancing to start taking place, and we believe this approach is necessary for sustainable deep change. 

Through this Holistic lens and process you not only go to the depths within, where self-care and self-nurture are natural (& required), but you also have a BIG opportunity to evolve in the direction of your truth and potential.

When in this space you start to feel lightness, increased vitality and fulfillment, and this is what INNER HARMONY is ALL ABOUT, assisting in people's Wellbeing, Growth and Expansion!

When we take this Holistic and deeper approach to wellbeing and self-care we see fundamental, sustainable change happen with people, both personally and professionally.

We have a genuine calling and commitment in assisting people WHO ARE READY to align their mental wellbeing, physical health and emotional and energetic states for their own balance and growth, and to ripple this positive effect into family, workplaces, community and our environment.

"For Kerry to be able to deliver a programme on a generic level to so many people, but in such a way that it resonates on an individual level to affect positive change, takes practice and extreme skill in understanding how we function as human beings.
Such a skill set is a rare gift!
There are so many things that I learnt from this programme that has had a direct impact on my overall wellbeing, from connecting with the self in the morning to unwinding from work in the evening and everything in between.
Kerry has given me the tools I needed to change behavior and habits that do not serve my higher self and to be fair I don’t even know where to begin in thanking her for being so passionate and giving with the service she offers."

Ministry of Social Development

About Kerry

"Hello! I’m Kerry, the Founder and Director of Inner Harmony.
I’m passionate and drawn to lead and support people who want to grow and evolve into their authentic, empowered selves. What I call, "Up-Level".

I love to guide people through connection and expansion work, using change and challenge as our teacher, becoming more aware and empowered through acknowledgement and interaction with ALL ASPECTS of ourselves.
ALIGNED PERSONAL POWER and POTENTIAL can be revealed when we embrace and work at this level.

Hello, Welcome, Kia ora, I'm Kerry...

...the Founder and Director of Inner Harmony. I'm a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner & Wellness Facilitator, who supports people to find healthy balance within themselves, through self-inquiry and self-care. 

I love to guide people through connection and expansion work, using change and challenge as our teacher, becoming more aware and empowered through acknowledgement and interaction with ALL ASPECTS of ourselves; Physical - Mental - Emotional - Energetic - Spiritual

I draw on my professional knowledge and experience combined with my own personal journey of health and self-inquiry work over 15 years to give practical (but deep), connected guidance on how to move through & forward on every level of health. 

I'm the Facilitator for all Programs and Events. I hold a Bachelor Of Natural Medicine and have been in professional practice for 10+ years, with the last 5 years delivering coaching and programs 1-on-1 and with groups Online. 

My deep interest and the core of my work includes; 
- Epigenetics - how our environment affects the way our genes and cellular make-up expresses...
...from the water we drink, diet, lifestyle, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, past memories and experiences and so on... they all have an impact on our health and vitality on every level of our being - everyday!
- Neurochemistry and Endocrinology (put simply the brain, nervous system and stress response system) and how this connects to our physical and energetic aspects of the body and what effects these processes have on every level of our health.
- How the Conscious and Subconscious aspects of ourselves play out that affect our reality, how we PROCESS and CONNECT our thoughts, feelings and imprints for health, growth, increased self-awareness, self-empowerment and raising of consciousness.  

I love to educate and enlighten people and feel it is vitally important to impart this knowledge and guidance to assist in the wellbeing and evolvement of others.

I feel we need as many people as possible in a "connected" space moving forward, to have positive impact and to be of value and higher service to humanity and our Mother Earth. 

Kerry x


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