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At Inner Harmony we teach Holistic Wellbeing, sharing this with workplaces to enhance their staffs self-care, balance and resiliency

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Supporting Business Owners, Managers, Leaders and Employees

About Kerry

"Hello! I’m Kerry, the Founder and Director of Inner Harmony.
I’m passionate and drawn to lead and support people who want to grow and evolve into their authentic, empowered selves. What I call, "Up-Level".

I love to guide people through connection and expansion work, using change and challenge as our teacher, becoming more aware and empowered through acknowledgement and interaction with ALL ASPECTS of ourselves.
ALIGNED PERSONAL POWER and POTENTIAL can be revealed when we embrace and work at this level.


We live and work in a very changing and challenging environment right now, and we're watching it becoming harder and harder for individuals to keep their "challenges" boxed away and separate from the workplace, and a lot of people are often feeling overwhelmed.
Recognising this, Inner Harmony’s Holistic Self-Care Programme has been designed for workplaces and organisations operating in Today’s world.

A great deal of how we perform at work has to do with how we feel inside. From my professional experience whether working with 1-1 clients or groups, it is only when we start to learn and understand ourselves that our external experience truly shifts.
This includes how we respond to day-to-day life, it's victories and challenges and how we show up personally and in the workplace.

This programme can be delivered to leaders, management & specialised teams through to front-line staff. Group numbers are kept small for greater workshop participation and outcomes.

Primarily the Self-Care Program is delivered ONLINE so it can be accessed by the Remote and Hybrid Workplace environment in any location, and can be recorded for any absent participants. 
The Program can also be delivered ONSITE, subject to location and schedule availability.

Inner Harmony is experienced in virtual delivery and has been successfully working online with clients for over 5 years.

"For Kerry to be able to deliver a programme on a generic level to so many people, but in such a way that it resonates on an individual level to affect positive change, takes practice and extreme skill in understanding how we function as human beings.
Such a skill set is a rare gift!
There are so many things that I learnt from this programme that has had a direct impact on my overall wellbeing, from connecting with the self in the morning to unwinding from work in the evening and everything in between.
Kerry has given me the tools I needed to change behavior and habits that do not serve my higher self and to be fair I don’t even know where to begin in thanking her for being so passionate and giving with the service she offers."

Vanessa, Ministry of Social Development

Workplace "Self-Care" Program

Supporting Wellbeing inside and outside of the Workplace

"I found Kerry’s knowledge and expertise to be fascinating and extremely helpful. Her approach to self-care was really on ANOTHER LEVEL to past learnings. I work in the whanau violence realm where vicarious trauma is a daily issue. With Kerry I was able to utilise simple but pragmatic strategies to acknowledge and process through heavy energy while refocusing and rejuvenating myself for further mahi (work). Thank you Kerry.”

Glen, NgńĀti Hine Health Trust

Self-Care Program rollout...

  • The Holistic Self-care¬†Program for Workplaces¬†consists of¬†4 Sessions,¬†based on the pillars of health from¬†Inner Harmony's Holistic Wellness Model & Integration Process including Physical, Mental, Emotional & Energetic Health.¬†

  • The¬†program is¬†specifically tailored to¬†the¬†businesses and individuals needs, with a¬†pre-program participant questionnaire and pre-program Discovery meeting with Supervisors/HR.¬†

  • We assist and educate participants on how to¬†identify and prevent imbalances¬†and¬†restore and manage¬†health, especially in times of increased demands and¬†pressure.¬†

  • Using¬†Inner Harmony‚Äôs tools & tracking strategies, and an¬†experiential and knowledge shared approach¬†with each¬†session building on the next,¬†individuals learn how to regain their balance through practical implementation¬†of learning's over the series time-frame. Creating their own customised Self-care plan, providing the opportunity for¬†effective and ongoing change, resilience and growth.

  • Each¬†session you will be provided with your own e-Workbook¬†to guide you through the program, complete with all the strategies and tools we cover to refer to and use for future reference.

"I feel that the programme has been LIFE CHANGING for me. I have thought much deeper into how I feel, and why I feel like this. I am in control of what takes my energy and gives me energy, and most importantly, that I need to care for myself, and make my own choices for a better life,  and to remember to breathe! Thank you Kerry.”

Gaylene, NgńĀti Hine Health Trust

Objectives of the Program are...

  • Create self-awareness through education and self-tracking tool assessments that identify external and internal drivers & patterns, allowing for positive change to support mental wellbeing & overall health in an effective and efficient manner. Enhances emotional intelligence & responses.

  • Introduce mindful healthy habits to support and enhance performance and mental wellbeing – especially when under stress & pressure

  • Individuals understand and learn how to manage their stress response system and energy levels for personal wellness and increased productivity, cognition and mental performance. Enhances self-responsibility.

  • Participants gain practical and achievable practices, tools and strategies that can be easily incorporated into daily life to support their Mental Wellbeing and balance.

  • Personal knowledge gained, and implementation from the wellbeing series has a positive impact both personally and professionally.

  • Individuals formulate & implement a personal Self-care plan to help restore their wellbeing and prevent/protect future health and improve resiliency.

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Guest speaking & Wellness Presentations

1-on-1 Program for LEADERS - details HERE



"I loved the Wellbeing Series.  I have utilised Kerry for personal 1-on-1 coaching, so the content resonates with me and I found it hugely beneficial to be reminded or have re-enforcement of learnings and coping mechanisms we had previously covered together. I found it cemented the personal strategies I am using daily and has forced me to re-visit some.

Overall, the workshops have made me stronger and more resolute in my self-belief across the Four Pillars of Wellbeing /Te Whare Tapa Wha.  The lower and upper mind cycles are something I consistently focus on and have experienced huge benefit to my overall mental and emotional wellbeing as a result. 
The stress response information was a real eye opener, in particular, the full view of what actually happens in the body.

I personally think all staff would benefit from the Wellbeing Series.  The group of managers had been asking for something different, something more than resilience workshops or EAP counselling, and I know its been hugely helpful for those who have engaged in the learnings.

My experience of Kerry as a Health & Wellness facilitator was just beautiful, life changing.
I have so much respect and admiration for Kerry and her work."

Kiriwai, Regional Director,

Ministry of Social Development

"I thoroughly enjoyed all of the workshops.  My personal wellbeing is an area of focus for me currently.  The content resonates with me strongly and has helped me not only with tools to support my wellbeing, but to understand that everyone is on their own journey,
and that an individual’s wellbeing is often reflected in their interactions with others. 

I am not a judgmental person by nature but am more mindful now than ever before that what a person expresses outwardly
can be a reflection of what is going on for them internally.

I am finding the tracking tools really helpful.  I regularly follow these practices, and refer to the workbooks frequently.  There's a lot to take in, and to get the most of out of these learnings I am aware this is something I must continue to do and incorporate into my daily routine.  I have enjoyed looking inward.

I absolutely think it would be helpful for others to complete the wellbeing series. This type of programme is not one that I've come across before in a workplace setting, and offering it is reflective of how far we have come in terms of acknowledging the importance of supporting staff wellbeing,
and the willingness to try something different."

My experience of Kerry as a facilitator and presenter was highly professional, relatable, and captivating. 
Kerry's passion and expertise in this type of work is obvious."

—  Annika, Regional Commissioner Advisor,
Ministry of Social Development


“I know that this programme has changed my life. How do I know this?
I have been able to re-enter a political environment that I left a long time ago because I was so dis-illusioned with the people and the process.
After completing this programme I have learnt to fully integrate my culture, behaviour and spiritual belief and am able to re-engage in this environment from my higher self.
More importantly I can leave all the story telling behind me that kept me stuck and I can move forward to affect real positive outcomes and real change for myself and my people.
The truth is Kerry I am no longer heart broken. That’s a pretty powerful place to be!”
Anonymous, Ministry of Social Development

"Kerry delivered her programme in a down to earth manner, had to reach through different age groups and types of personalities. Kerry managed to do this really well. Highly recommended as a facilitator.
Thank you for making me see things in a new light, I found the programme very insightful and had a few aha moments."

" Kerry is personable, relatable, and engaging. She tailored the Workplace Wellbeing Programme to the needs within our team, and our team’s ongoing progression has been a testament to her incredible work. She is a gifted facilitator with a wealth of knowledge; I am grateful we had the opportunity to work together."

"I am grateful I was able to experience and be apart of these workshops with my team. I now feel we are bonding more and by all working on ourselves it made us closer. I personally feel a whole lot has been lifted off my shoulders from these sessions as I soaked in all the relevant information that was put out. I had released things/tensions I didn’t think I had to release. I feel more calm and less stressed. My triggers are not as bad, and my reactions are completely different now."

"I thought the trackers were great way to start building healthy habits.
Kerry was a great facilitator and I found myself resonating to a lot of what she spoke about in the program."

"The resources were good, really helpful and in-depth. Kerry's a good facilitator, approachable and welcoming for the whole group.  Kept conversations on topic and relatable to both your personal and work life."

"Fantastic programme. Resources incredibly helpful. Has made a huge difference in our team. We are still doing morning and night breathing exercises and practicing being grateful.
We are all finding ourselves calmer and able to deal with difficulties from a much better place mentally.
It would be good to include in Induction for new staff so they had coping mechanisms as it is a very stressful, busy and ever changing environment."

"I'm taking time to stop - just being in the moment and checking in on myself, all these little changes have made a world of difference for my inner health and mental wellbeing. I have followed the personal integration process using the trigger tracker, which I have found really helpful, and have been able to easily acknowledge my triggers and follow the process with ease.
I find myself reconnecting to the higher mind more frequently and am loving this transition in my life.
Kerry, I am so grateful to you and your programme‚ÄĚ.

"I have really enjoyed the holistic approach of Kerry’s program in all aspects- information that has guided me through the process of resetting the nervous system and strategies to reconnect to self. Working with emotional triggers has identified areas of personal growth and can be used in personal and professional settings to better handle reactions and build healthy resilience. I feel that being able to prioritize my wellbeing is putting me in a better space professionally.  I have really appreciated the opportunity to be involved."

"Kerry is knowledgeable, engaging, and compassionate.  I enjoyed her positive and vibrant energy."

"An excellent facilitator, she really knows her subject material. Awesome resources to reflect upon and take away."

"Fantastic resources. Love Kerry. She was engaging, knowledgeable, genuine and so very helpful."

"The resources were very clear and easy to follow.  Kerry was a great facilitator and very concise in her presentation."

"Resources very good to help identify trends and triggers, especially unconscious ones."

"I really enjoyed the handouts and being able to track our daily schedule to find what gives us energy vs what takes this away."

Support your staff, support your Business...
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