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"Up-Level" as a Leader?


The 1-on-1 Inner Harmony Process is a 12-Week connection and expansion Wellness journey for LEADERS, that focuses on aligning all levels of wellbeing and self-care for balance, increased resilience, self-mastery and impact.


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With leadership, I believe comes a personal responsibility to continually evolve, especially in the changing and challenging environments we're experiencing right now. With lots of uncertainty and imbalance around us, the more personally aligned and conscious Leaders are the more positive influence and impact they can have on people and the "collective".

NOW and moving forward I see a need for an up-dated "Wellness" approach for LEADERS, that supports them holistically in this process...

One where you naturally align and CONNECT to your authentic self (whole-self), where you actively engage in TRANSFORMING challenges into opportunities for growth and expansion as they arise, and you ELEVATE your level of resilience and wellbeing through self-care and self-awareness so you can LEAD sustainably, with IMPACT, FULFILLMENT and JOY!


Do you want to shift into a more
self-empowered and balanced state?


You may lead your own business, an organisation or team AND you are ready and committed to shift and up-level into a sustainable state of being, that integrates all aspects of your wellness and weaves your self-care and evolvement into daily life for personal and professional outcomes.
ALIGNED PERSONAL POWER and POTENTIAL can be revealed when we embrace and work at this level.


  • You want to elevate your level of leadership and impact by enhancing your own Wellbeing. Leaders already know how to lead! This is not about you having "problems" or "issues" in that regard, the Process is about "Uplevelling" you into a sustainable model of wellbeing, to lead with increased resilience, effectiveness and impact through your own self-mastery.
    I will mentor you through each area of the process - connecting, transforming and elevating your health and wellbeing. What is learnt and experienced through our time together you will use and integrate into your life going forward, assisting you to continually navigate and grow through all experiences.
  • Possibly the way you’ve operated in the past doesn’t work for you anymore? You may feel depleted, overwhelmed or feel unmotivated, plateauing – things not quite giving you that spark or edge anymore. This could be personally or professionally or both.
    OR you may just know it's time to SHIFT into a more sustainable and progressive way of being and leading?
    I will guide you to restore and rebalance and move into a different space of wellbeing that Up-Levels your perspective, perceptions and experiences inside and outside of the workplace.
  • You may have physical health issues that have popped up that aren’t resolving themselves?
    This is a common one for leaders!

    I will address these as I professionally assess all areas of your health. It's important with the high demands placed upon leaders that your nervous system and stress response system is restored, regulated and supported.
    I will introduce practices and tools to assist and professionally prescribe (if required) natural nutraceuticals to support any unwanted symptoms, such as Sleep Imbalances, Fatigue & "Burn Out", Fluctuating Moods and Anxiety, aches and pains.
  • You may feel “stuck”? Emotional “stuff” may be surfacing that you don’t know how to deal with.
    I will guide you in unblocking self-limiting behaviours, patterns and emotions. Getting to the depth of where they sit and transcending them through The Inner Harmony Process.
    I will help you work WITH your emotions and challenges, and through the process together your awareness and ability to transform these into opportunities will be realised. This is the depth of where resilience comes from.

    You will be able to use this experience to assist others, effortlessly reflecting this out into your personal and professional space with IMPACT!



  • This is a¬†customised¬†12-Week process, tailored to your unique needs and goals.¬†
    We will look at all aspects of YOU, and customise the Process. KNOW THYSELF! To truly be an impactful leader going forward I believe you need to know and engage with all aspects of yourself. The conscious and the unconscious and fuse these together. For it is only when the two are connected and come into harmony I believe that holistic and sustainable balance and wellbeing is experienced. I will guide you through this Personal Process.
  • We will meet for 10 Sessions Online for a 90 minute duration.
    I will guide you, you will carve your own path.
  • Email Support: Email any queries to me throughout the program time frame.
  • All tools and practices we cover in the¬†12 Weeks¬†together will be available through your own Personal Membership Portal, where you can access them through¬†computer login or App. Session recordings, if you request this, will also be available through your portal.


  • The Process is delivered VIRTUALLY to suit your location and time and to ensure continual delivery.


  • Please complete the short INQUIRY form below if you wish to know more. I will be in touch and if suitable, we will arrange an ONLINE call to discuss the process further.


"I believe the Program has empowered me as a Leader.
I’m not only in tune with myself but in tune with others in my team and more widely in the community"

Graham, MSD Regional Commissioner

Supporting Business Owners, Leaders, Managers, and Employees 


" I am writing to share my experience having recently worked with Kerry (Inner Harmony) to bring balance to my wellbeing and provide context around some of the influences in my life that I wasn’t really aware of. 

The importance of being open and engaging can’t be emphasised enough. 
It enabled me to understand more about things influencing my physical and mental wellbeing.  
This is an important thing for me and has helped bring balance to a pretty intense job and is allowing me to make space for life balance.

Being more in tune with my mind and body , including how I kick start and close out my day as well as using some de-stressing techniques that I use anytime, are now a habit. 

I believe it has empowered me as a Leader.
I’m not only in tune with myself but in tune with others in my team and more widely in the community.
 Sharing some of this experience and key learnings with others is letting others benefit from my experience.  We can all be life coaches.

I found Kerry to be sensitive, engaging and respectful. 
At no time did I feel uncomfortable in our conversations despite the exploration of sometimes very personal experiences. 
Thank you!

Graham, MSD Regional Commissioner, Northland (NZ)


"Before I did the Inner Harmony Process with Kerry I was so unbalanced, stressed and having many issues with my health due to lock-downs. I was so burnt out and unhappy and I wasn't sleeping well at all.

I couldn't seem to snap out of it and get myself back on track.
Everything seemed hard work and out of control.

Kerry was so wonderful.  She helped me process each area and issue, understand what triggers me and how to process it through and move forward naturally in a balanced and aware state.

My stress levels came down, my physical health changed for the better, my sleep improved and I released a lot of old "stuff" that was pulling my system down - which I didn't realise until Kerry connected it for me!

Kerry really listened and when she gave me advice it was always honest and always for the best results for me to move positively forward with my life and business. 

She also was like my business mentor in many ways too, helping me to realize I was doing far too many things in my business and it was completely burning me out and I wasn't doing my best work.
Kerry's work guided me to review my business model so it was sustainable, without compromise.
I have followed my passion for what I love to create and have learnt to say "No thank you" if a job doesn't align - and that is a good thing!

I feel so much happier and much more in control and focused in my life.
I'm very happy to recommend Kerry and the Inner Harmony Process".

‚ÄčKate, Business Owner, Clothing Designer¬†


"The programme was life changing in many ways.
The way Kerry facilitates your experience is truly magical. Her ability to steer you into a new way of perceiving your life is nothing short of exceptional!

Prior to starting the programme I was navigating a few major challenges. I had the choice to either succumb to them or find a new way forward.
The programme had been recommended to me by someone I admire greatly, so I invested in the process and was willing to give it my all.

‚ÄčThe way Kerry approached my healing was hugely beneficial, she allowed me to feel all the things, talk all I needed to and then bought all of that ‚Äúchaos‚ÄĚ back to me and what I could do about it.
It helped me feel in control & in flow with my life (regardless of challenges) & to feel my empowerment as a woman.‚Äč

Kerry radiates magic, she is so "in-tune" with you and the way she laughs allows you to feel at ease.
She has so much knowledge, and it just flowed through the course effortlessly. She’s a born facilitator.

I never felt that Kerry was judging me, she came from a place of true care,
always willing to be gentle and honest with me when I was in a really vulnerable place.

I genuinely believe that if it wasn’t for the programme (and my decision to take the leap) that I wouldn’t have bounced back from those challenges with relative ease.

So, just as I was recommended this wonderful lady and programme, I hope that I can recommend this to whoever is reading this now.
If you’ve wanted to break patterns, overcome challenges and embody the life you want to live - Kerry is your lady!

I will be forever grateful for her and this amazing process, 
and I know for certain that my friends and family are grateful for her work too! "

Shivaughn, Public Sector

" The experience of The Inner Harmony Process has been truly eye opening! The person I was before has made such a transformation in becoming a connected, conscious & nurturing human being. 

‚ÄčBeing able to integrate my old programming has allowed me to have a different perspective and experience of day-to-day life.
I also got a lot out of the daily practices Kerry introduced me to and by far these
tools have changed my overall wellbeing and I continue to do these daily.

To any person looking at doing the programme, I'd say
Invest in yourself because you matter,
there's so much to be understood about yourself, and the answers are within you, waiting to be found.
Kerry will guide you through this and you will not regret it.

I also found working online really great! I enjoyed it because I was in the comfort of my own home.

I've told Kerry many times, she's amazing, a shining light! I have so much love for this woman. A skilled professional in her field." 

‚ÄčNatalie, Chef¬†

"Kerry is great and has a ‚Äėsixth sense‚Äô. Very supportive, informative and explanatory.¬†
I want to thank Kerry for the work she's created and the change she's made in my life because of it. 
It was also great working online, an ideal way to do this program.
Incredibly grateful to have met her!"

Marie, Photographer & Business Owner

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If you have any medical condition or suffer from mental health issues you should consult your Doctor or relevant Healthcare Professional for specific guidance prior to engaging with Inner Harmony.