Are you a business owner who wants (and needs) to feel more balanced, resilient, motivated, aligned and happy?? 

If so, I'm glad you've found me and I'm here to help!

Hi, I'm Kerry, the founder of Inner Harmony and the facilitator for the Women's Wellness Programmes we're offering through First Steps (Activate Tāmaki Makaurau). 


For 10 years as a professional Natural Healthcare Practitioner I have been assisting clients, specialising in the area of Mental Wellness. I have a passion (& deep understanding) for helping Women through challenge, change and growth.

Firstly, I'd like to say, well done! Reaching out and getting the support you need can be half the challenge. Also,  prioritising your own well-being and self-care when there has been so much shift going on in business, home life and "out there" in the past few years, it can be tricky to navigate and put yourself first. 

You may have experienced through this COVID time feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, low moods, worry, fear, excess mental chatter, fatigue, burn-out or possibly just a general state of being "out of whack" or "off your game".

The good news is you don't need to struggle anymore or work it out by yourself.
I'm here to assist you to re-balance your whole system on all levels. 

When it comes to your Mental Wellbeing we take a holistic approach. We must consider all aspects of your well-being to ensure the best outcomes and strategies for optimal health and your experience of life (regardless of what curveballs may come your way). 

Incorporated within the structure of the programmes are the pillars of health based on Inner Harmony’s Holistic Wellness Model & Integration System.- The Physical (Tinana) - The Mental/Emotional (Hinengaro) - The Energetic & Spiritual (Mauri & Wairua)


I work with Women business owners individually through my signature 1-1 Coaching Programme and in a group setting delivered through our Women's Wellbeing Workshop Series.
Both programmes are delivered ONLINE to suit your location, time and the continual delivery regardless of any COVID restrictions that may be in place. 

Inner Harmony is experienced in virtual delivery and has been successfully working online with clients for over 5 years.

Check out the Programme details below to see what may suit you. Then look through "YOUR NEXT STEPS" process below and get in touch for your free, no obligation chat to discuss your suitability (a requirement for funding) and to ask any questions you may have. 

OPTION 1 The Inner Harmony Process 
1-1 Women's Wellness Coaching Programme     
(Virtual Delivery)

  • The Inner Harmony Process is a 3-Month 1-1 Coaching Programme for Women.
    Designed specifically for ladies who are wanting guidance and support to help bring them back into a state of balance, and to move them forward into a space of motivation and empowerment both in a personal and professional capacity. 


  • We will focus on your individual wellbeing needs relating to your current life stresses, pressures and symptoms as well as looking into your internal programming and beliefs to get a full holistic picture of your wellbeing.

  • I will break it down for you, connect the dots and guide and coach you through the process of rebalancing.
    Each session will build upon the next as you shift and integrate into a clearer and more connected space. 

    (Also, If you can't make a session because of "life" don't worry, we'll tag it on the end of your programme)

  • Where applicable customised nutraceuticals can be professionally prescribed to help support your symptoms and revitalise you. (* additional client cost - not funded)

  • You will be provided with your own secure Personal Membership Portal login providing access to all programme resources, tools and strategies applicable to you.


  • Calm & balance your nervous system & stress response system

  • Enhance your resiliency

  • Improve and balance your energy levels

  • Balance your sleep patterns

  • Support and balance stress related symptoms such as anxiety, overwhelm, low moods, fatigue

  • Incorporate nutritional and lifestyle strategies to support your Mental Wellbeing and current health

  • Formulate & implement your personal Self-care plan to restore your wellbeing and prevent/protect future health

  • Increase your self-awareness & mindfulness

  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence & responses

  • Implement practical & effective tools and strategies to keep you balanced and connected- regardless of external circumstances and the "curveballs" of life! 

If this programme resonates with you, let's have our complimentary 30-Minute chat to confirm suitability
1-1 Programme Investment
$4000 +GST
Funded through First Steps

OPTION 2 The Holistic Well-being Series 
Women's Wellness Workshops         
(Virtual Delivery)

  • The Holistic Well-being Series for Women business owners and leaders consists of 3 (2hr) Workshops over 3 weeks.
    Designed specifically for Women and based on the pillars of health from Inner Harmony's Holistic Wellness Model;  Physical (Tinana) - Mental/Emotional (Hinengaro) -  Energetic & Spiritual (Mauri & Wairua)


  • The series combines all aspects of wellbeing into one with a particular focus in each workshop on Mental Wellness - how to identify and prevent imbalances and restore and manage health especially when under pressure.

  • Using Inner Harmony’s tools & tracking strategies, and an experiential and knowledge shared approach with each workshop building on the next, individuals learn how to regain their balance through practical implementation of learning's over the series time-frame. Creating their own customised Self-care plan, providing the opportunity for effective and ongoing change, resilience and growth.

  • Each workshop you will be provided with your own
    e-Workbook to guide you through the Series, complete with all the strategies and tools we cover to refer to and use for future reference.

  • Participant group numbers are kept small to ensure every lady has the opportunity to participate and get the most out of the Series.
    Minimum Participants: 4     Maximum Participants: 12


  • We have 2 Optional Time-slots to suit your work and home schedule; during working hours and after work.
    (NOTE: If you are a group of Auckland women business owners (i.e. Network group) that wish to do the series together, a time that suits the group can be arranged).

OBJECTIVES of the Well-being Series:
  • Create awareness through education and self-tracking tool assessments that identify external and internal drivers & patterns, allowing for positive change to support women's health and mental wellbeing in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Introduce mindful healthy habits to support and enhance women's performance and mental wellbeing – especially when under stress

  • Individuals understand and learn how to manage their stress response system and energy levels for personal wellness and increased productivity, cognition and mental performance.

  • Participants gain practical and achievable practices, tools and strategies that can be easily incorporated into daily life to support their Mental Wellbeing and balance.

  • Personal knowledge gained, and implementation from the wellbeing series has a positive impact both personally and professionally.

  • Individuals formulate & implement a personal Self-care plan to help restore their wellbeing and prevent/protect future health and improve resiliency.

If this programme resonates with you, let's have our complimentary 30-Minute chat to confirm suitability
Workshop Series Investment
$750 +GST 
Funded through First Steps



1. Ensure you meet the criteria below in order to be able to apply for funding.

2. Decide which option is right for you (you can apply for more than one offer)

  • 1-1 Women's Coaching Programme: The Inner Harmony Process

  • Women's Wellness Workshops: The Holistic Well-being Series 

3. Book a 30 minute chat by clicking on the green "Book Call" button. We can discuss the different options on the chat if          you’re unsure. (This initial conversation/consultation must be completed prior to Applying for Funding)

4. After our 30 minute chat, complete the application form for funding through First Steps - CLICK HERE for direct access (we will discuss this on our call)

To access the Health and Wellbeing Support Package, your business must:

  • be operating with 100 full time equivalent employees or less

  • have a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

  • be operating in a commercial environment

  • be a privately-owned business or are a Māori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Māori assets under multiple ownership

  • primarily operate within the Auckland boundary

  • be an existing business that was trading prior to 22 October 2021

  • have had a consultation with a First Steps Provider (Inner Harmony)

  • have a completed First Steps Provider quotation or have filled in the Associated Costs Template (Inner Harmony can provide this)


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"Make your health and wellbeing your first steps for 2022"


I've been honored to work with some amazing Women and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share some of their experiences.
Scroll through & also check out the Client Interview below...



"The programme was life changing in many ways. The way Kerry facilitates your experience is truly magical. Her ability to steer you into a new way of perceiving your life is nothing short of exceptional!

Prior to starting the programme I was navigating a few major challenges. I had the choice to either succumb to them or find a new way forward. The programme had been recommended to me by someone I admire greatly, so I invested in the process and was willing to give it my all.

​The way Kerry approached my healing was hugely beneficial, she allowed me to feel all the things, talk all I needed to and then bought all of that “chaos” back to me and what I could do about it.
It helped me feel in control & in flow with my life (regardless of challenge) & to feel my empowerment as a woman.

Kerry radiates magic, she is so "in-tune" with you and the way she laughs allows you to feel at ease. She has so much knowledge, and it just flowed through the course effortlessly. She’s a born facilitator.
I never felt that Kerry was judging me, she came from a place of true care, always willing to be gentle and honest with me when I was in a really vulnerable place.

I genuinely believe that if it wasn’t for the programme (and my decision to take the leap) that I wouldn’t have bounced back from those challenges with relative ease.

So, just as I was recommended this wonderful lady and programme, I hope that I can recommend this to whoever is reading this now. If you’ve wanted to break patterns, overcome challenges and embody the life you want to live - Kerry is your lady!


I will be forever grateful for her and this amazing process and I know for certain that my friends and family are grateful for her work too! "


 - Shivaughn, Public Sector employee



“Overall the group programme experience was very worthwhile. Making time to commit to self was important and I gained valuable tools to implement daily to keep myself grounded. These have become daily practices."

"The programme although taken as a group has much scope for each individual to work within their own space. Knowledge learnt each week can be applied to every situation personal or work which arises. There is so much to learn that the 90 mins passed by very quickly."

"What I found particularly useful was being able to identify trigger points as they happen and asking myself what this is about, and also identifying what takes my energy and gives me energy and consciously planning this into my week."

"Kerry is astute and listens to queries and experiences and is able to bring these to the key learning for participants. Kerry has a great sense of humour which she weaves through her work."

"I would say to Women looking at joining the programme to take this time to reflect on what you need to manage the multiple demands you have as a woman.
Learn some practices you can weave into your day to support energy and wellbeing
Also, the programme timeframe and weekly session start times and duration worked really well for working Women I believe."


—  Kathy, School Principle